Pinless EAS Tag Protects Shoes and High Value Apparel

Harmondsworth, UK – November 2013. TAG Company, the UK’s leading innovator in EAS Tagging solutions today launches the Guardian - a pinless Hard Tag for the protection of shoes, delicate and high end apparel and leather accessories.

Attaching EAS security tags to delicate apparel and shoes has been a perennial problem for retailers, as has the need to protect these items with a tag that does not impinge on the customer’s ability to try items on. TAG now launches the Guardian - the first Pinless Self Alarming Security Tag for retailers of luxury products. The Guardian attaches to dresses, shoes, leather accessories and delicate silks with a patented gripping mechanism rather than with a pin, therefore ensuring the merchandise is not damaged in anyway. Equally, the sleek lightweight design allows clean and clear merchandising.

To alert store staff to illicit removal of the Guardian within the store, an audible alarm will sound accompanied by a flashing LED. The Guardian will also alarm EAS gates upon exiting the store, either AM or RF, should it still be attached to merchandise.

The Guardian is compatible with TAG’s range of Superlock magnetic detachers, as used by over 20,000 stores in the UK.

About TAG Company

TAG Company is a full Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Service Provider which offers users with an unbiased and consultative approach to Loss Prevention and tagging solutions. TAG's understanding and experience in working across multiple retail environments results in the design and provision of tailored solutions for retail and other organisations who have recognised the need to address shrinkage to drive profitability.

Managed and driven by a team of leading industry professionals with years of EAS and retail experience, TAG focuses all of its' resource and development into retail tagging to ensure the best solution and service level is delivered first time, every time.

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