Harmondsworth, United Kingdom - March 2011.  TAG Company, a leading provider of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), has successfully completed a major recapitalization with its majority owner, Tag BVI Ltd.

The recapitalization sees the repayment of loans due to its majority owner in return for the issue and allotment of £2m worth of shares to TAG BVI Ltd.
Gerhard Beukes, Executive Director at Adurion Capital, investment manager of TAG BVI Ltd, comments ‘this represents a mark of our commitment to TAG UK. The new capital structure will enhance the continued focus on delivering a first class service to its customers and assist in its drive to become the leading independent provider of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS)’.

About TAG Company

TAG Company is a full Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Service Provider which offers users with an unbiased and consultative approach to Loss Prevention and tagging solutions.  TAG's understanding and experience in working across multiple retail environments results in the design and provision of tailored solutions for retail and other organisations who have recognised the need to address shrinkage to drive profitability.

Managed and driven by a team of leading industry professionals with years of EAS and retail experience, TAG focuses all of its resource and development into retail tagging to ensure the best solution and service level is delivered first time, every time.

For more information, visit www.tagcompany.com

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