Alliance to Deliver Range of 8.2 MHz EAS Labels

Harmondsworth, United Kingdom and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA – June 5, 2006 – TAG Company, the world’s fastest growing retail security company, announced that it has been appointed by Shanghai Asialco Electronics Co. Ltd. as the exclusive distributor of their RF 8.2 MHz anti-shoplifting labels for the United States and the United Kingdom. TAG Company will market the Asialco label under the brand name, Series 8.2™. These security labels operate at 8.2 MHz, commonly known as Swept-RF, the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology used by many retailers across the globe. TAG aims to grab a share of the estimated 5 billion unit annual market for RF EAS labels.

Asialco’s technology and inherent labor savings enable the company to produce high performance, 100% quality-tested labels at dramatically reduced costs. In addition, the Series 8.2 comes in a variety of shapes and formats to address virtually any tagging requirement. The TAG Company dedicated logistics team efficiently and economically delivers these labels to UK and US users. The partnership further extends TAG’s distribution to source tagging manufacturers throughout Asia. Source tagging is the application of EAS labels at the point of manufacturing prior to being delivered to retailers. 

Mr. Guangwei Huang, General Manager of Shanghai Asialco, “We are pleased to partner with TAG Company to develop and market the Series 8.2 labels to the very important US and UK markets. TAG has partnered with Asialco to deliver high quality, high performance RF EAS label solutions to major retailers and their source tagging providers. Our partnership with TAG to OEM manufacture Series 8.2 is an important step as we complete our new 20,000 sq. meter manufacturing facility, which will be capable of producing 8 billion RF and RFID circuits per year.”

“This is one of the most important steps in our company’s history,” added Kathie Bulson, TAG’s Vice President of Business Development.  “We have always prided ourselves on being able to offer best-in-class quality and leading edge innovation.  There is a growing need for fast, efficient label supply from the ever-increasing RF user community. The Series 8.2 labels will allow us to better respond to current and future customer needs.”

About TAG Company
TAG Company is a privately owned, leading provider of anti-shoplifting solutions, offering radio-frequency and acousto-magnetic detection systems, tags, and labels.  This year the company will secure more than 1 billion consumer products.   As a natural extension of item-level in-store tagging, TAG provides Smart Tagging and Source Tagging solutions.  To learn more about how we help retailers around the world Keep and Track their merchandise, or to ask about reseller opportunities, visit us at www.tagcompany.com.  TAG Company  Keep.Track.

About Asialco
Shanghai Asialco Electronics Co., Ltd. is a privately owned, flexible printed circuit company, which is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of various types of EAS radio frequency electronic anti-theft labels. The company boasts an excellent Research and Development department with technological expertise in EAS radio frequency electronic anti-theft label technology. Asialco will open its new 20,000 square meter manufacturing facility in the Nanhui District, Shanghai. The new state of the art plant will have manufacturing capacity to produce over 8 billion RF and RFID circuits annually, making it one of the largest manufacturers of tagging technology in the world.

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