Harmondsworth, United Kingdom - July 2011. TAG Company addresses increase in illegal removal of Security Tags with the launch of Dural Tag.

TAG Company, one of Europe’s leading providers of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology, today launches Dural Tag - the World’s most secure Hard Tag.  Designed and manufactured in Europe, the Dural Tag requires a patented unique high strength magnetic release detacher to unlock, and cannot be released with any readily available grey market detachers.

Jon Marchese, CEO of TAG comments ‘Over the past 10 years, the UK’s investment in Hard Tags has become cost driven and, whilst the ROI is still clearly attractive, the scale of the return on this investment in certain high risk stores is decreasing.  It’s TAG’s aim to provide solutions to retailers for selected deployment in problematic stores where an increased investment can be fully justified against thwarting shoplifters entering stores with detachers, or using commonly known techniques for detaching Hard Tags.

Great care has been taken over the design of the Dural Tag, allowing branding and logo opportunities, meaning retailers are more comfortable in attaching the Dural Tag in more prominent locations on garments.  This provides a much stronger visual deterrent than covert tagging, and also reduces the likelihood that the Dural Tag will be cut out in discreet locations in the store such as changing rooms.’

About TAG Company

TAG Company is a full Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Service Provider which offers users with an unbiased and consultative approach to Loss Prevention and tagging solutions.  TAG's understanding and experience in working across multiple retail environments results in the design and provision of tailored solutions for retail and other organisations who have recognised the need to address shrinkage to drive profitability.

Managed and driven by a team of leading industry professionals with years of EAS and retail experience, TAG focuses all of its resource and development into retail tagging to ensure the best solution and service level is delivered first time, every time.

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