TAG Company announces Breakthrough Anti-Theft Tag for Wine & Spirits
Leading Locking Bottle Cap solution to be offered globally by TAG

London – March 11th, 2008 – TAG Company announced that it has reached agreement to act as the exclusive source for the leading security solution for bottled merchandise, EasiCap®.  Premier Security Products (PSP), which designed EasiCap®, will continue to work closely with TAG to further develop and improve the anti-shoplifting device which has already been adopted by a majority of the UK’s leading supermarkets, and is being trialled extensively across mainland Europe and North America.

EasiCap® already protects close to 2 million bottled goods and is considered by many retailers to be the most secure bottle tag in the market, with a number of advantages over traditional alternatives.  Not only does EasiCap® contain an EAS element to set off alarms at store exit, but it completely encapsulates bottle stoppers, corks and capsules to deter theft even in environments where Electronic Article Surveillance has not been adopted.  In addition, EasiCap®’s footprint has been optimized to minimize impact on shelf space and branding. For retailers one of the most popular features of EasiCap® is its’ unique locking mechanism which enables one handed detaching with a standard detacher.

Phil Doyle, Managing Director of TAG Company stated, “Bottled merchandise always appears on the Top Ten list of most stolen goods and it is therefore a key focus for retailers in the fight against shoplifting.  Traditional electronic tags don’t provide the additional level of benefit denial which has rapidly become essential in deterring and preventing resale or consumption of alcohol by shoplifters.  EasiCap®’s integrity and compact size provides that solution.”

Joe Ryan, SVP Sales of TAG in North America added, “The availability of EASiCap® provides grocery, drug, convenience, and liquor stores with an economical solution to safely openly merchandise valuable inventory.”

TAG Company will provide the EasiCap® solution directly to its clients and through its reseller channels globally.  These partners also represent TAG’s Series 58 disposable AM security label – the first true alternative in the EAS market.

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