TAG Company Announces Anti-Shoplifting Solution for Wine & Spirits
New Locking Cap Deters Would-Be Thieves

Fort Lauderdale, FL – March 12, 2007 – TAG Company announced the availability of EASiCap®, an extremely difficult to remove, low-profile locking device that also contains an element that sets off an alarm at the store exit.  EASiCap is small enough to integrate with existing merchandising systems, yet strong enough that removal is nearly impossible without a proprietary detacher.

Annually, retailers lose more than $30 billion in merchandise in the United States.  Liquor and wine are a key target category for many types of shoplifters including juveniles and organized crime.  Many retailers lock their higher priced items in display cases rather than risk losing them to thieves.  Other stores have chosen to lock the entrance doors closest to their liquor sections, employ extra security guards, or install closed-circuit television systems.

Joe Ryan, SVP of Sales at TAG Company stated, “Until now, retailers either risked losing their wine and spirits to thieves, implemented costly solutions, or locked up their product which typically reduces sales; making the situation a lose-lose for retailers and their customers.  The availability of EASiCap provides grocery, drug, convenience, and liquor stores with an economical solution to safely openly merchandise valuable inventory.”

“EASiCap can be used with or without an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system,” remarked Kathie Bulson, TAG’s SVP of Development.  “In order to remove the EASiCap you must have a proprietary detacher or risk breaking the bottle in an attempt to remove it.   This is a strong deterrent, similar to the popular ink tags retailers use to protect millions of garments. For those retailers with an EAS system, EASiCap offers double protection by setting off the alarm at the door.”

Under a licensing agreement with UK-based engineering firm Premier Security Products, TAG Company offers EASiCap and their other retail loss prevention solutions to retailers in North America and Mexico.  TAG will be exhibiting the EASiCap at the Food Market Institute Loss Prevention Show in Dallas on March 11.

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