Tag Company Launches Environmentally Friendly Security Seal

Harmondsworth, United Kingdom - April 2011.  TAG Company, one of the UK’s leading providers of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology, announces a breakthrough in environmentally friendly product protection solutions.

The EcoWrap integrates a high tack security seal with an EAS element (AM or RF) to enable boxed product to be simultaneously sealed and protected in a one step application process.  It has evolved from TAG’s existing and established patented range of Self Seal products, with the enhancement of having no backing liner, therefore greatly reducing the amount of waste material generated in store.  In addition, with a weight saving of up to 60% over conventional security seals, distribution costs will also be reduced.

Manufactured in the UK, EcoWrap is available in reel sizes optimised for either auto-application, or in store using a handheld or bench mounted dispenser.

Suzanne Connell, Director of Operations, states ‘TAG has developed the EcoWrap to meet the requirements of retailers who are focused on meeting environmental initiatives set out by their businesses, and driving down the in-store labour costs attributed to the application of security tags.  Being able to apply seals with a conventional handheld dispenser will dramatically reduce the time spent applying tags, enabling staff to provide better service’.

EcoWrap is a patented product.

About TAG Company

TAG Company is a full Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Service Provider which offers users with an unbiased and consultative approach to Loss Prevention and tagging solutions.  TAG's understanding and experience in working across multiple retail environments results in the design and provision of tailored solutions for retail and other organisations who have recognised the need to address shrinkage to drive profitability.

Managed and driven by a team of leading industry professionals with years of EAS and retail experience, TAG focuses all of its resource and development into retail tagging to ensure the best solution and service level is delivered first time, every time.

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