HMV chooses leading tagging company as anti-shoplifting partner

Harmondsworth, United Kingdom –14th November, 2006.   HMV, the UK and Ireland's leading music, DVD & games multi-channel specialist, and TAG Company (TAG), the leading Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions provider, have signed an agreement which establishes TAG as HMV’s exclusive EAS systems and tagging supplier.

TAG will provide all new and replacement EAS electronics and hardware across the HMV estate. In addition, HMV will use TAG’s (patent pending) Series 58 Security Label™ applied directly to its products in store and will continue its application of TAG’s Self Seal Tag, with integrated Series 58, on a wide variety of media and other speciality merchandise.

For nearly fifteen years, HMV has established a reputation as having one of the most effective loss prevention programs in the UK. Despite retailing highly desirable entertainment media goods, such as CD’s, DVD’s, and games, HMV has one of the lowest loss (shrinkage) rates in retail. The company’s deployment of EAS pedestals, labels, tags, deactivators, and detachers play a central role in that performance. HMV was the first UK retailer to implement “live” (self-service) merchandising throughout its entire chain, and most entertainment retailers have now followed suit. HMV was the first UK retailer to use TAG Company’s patented Self Seal Tag, now the UK’s most popular disposable anti-shoplifting tag for entertainment media.

Annually, HMV uses more than 40 million disposable EAS labels throughout its 220 plus stores and over 1 million sq. ft. of trading space. Under the agreement, TAG will provide a full supply of Acousto Magnetic (AM) systems, deactivation, maintenance, training and ongoing support to store personnel to ensure effective use of the anti-shoplifting systems.  TAG will also supply its new Series 58 Security Label™ across HMV’s entire estate, marking the first major retailer to move away from legacy tagging solutions as the market embraces the new alternative AM label.

Phil Doyle, TAG’s Managing Director commented, “We are extremely proud and excited by HMV’s commitment to TAG. It is recognition for our on-going technology development and the effort that we put forth in delivering successful retail tagging to leading UK retailers. We work hard to understand how high risk, high-value merchandise is best protected from would-be shoplifters.  One of the industry’s major challenges is how to balance protection and open “live” merchandising – maximising sales but with minimal loss, thereby delivering profit for the retailer. Also significant is HMV’s commitment to our recently released Series 58 Security Label™. As the only alternative disposable AM label supply, it’s an important milestone for the product to be tested and accepted by a user as respected as HMV!”
Colin Culleton, HMV’s Head of Risk & Loss Prevention for UK and Ireland added, “We have chosen to work more closely with TAG Company because they have consistently delivered against agreed service levels, quickly gained a thorough understanding of our trading risk and provided bespoke solutions.    We have been very impressed by the support provided by TAG staff at every level of the business. TAG has proven to be a true EAS specialist and this was key to our decision.”

About TAG Company
TAG Company is a privately owned, leading provider of anti-shoplifting solutions, offering radio-frequency and acousto-magnetic detection systems, tags, and labels.  This year the company will secure more than 1 billion consumer products.   TAG’s patented Self Seal Tag is the leading disposable tagging product for entertainment retailers including Woolworths, Virgin, HMV, FOPP and ASDA.  TAG also offers its own patented range of AM and RF labels, Series 58 and Series 8.2.  As a natural extension of item-level in-store tagging, TAG provides Smart Tagging and Source Tagging solutions.  To learn more about how TAG helps retailers around the world Keep and Track their merchandise, or to ask about reseller opportunities, visit www.tagcompany.com. 

TAG Company  Keep.Track.

About HMV
HMV is the UK & Ireland’s leading music, DVD & games specialist with a trading heritage that stretches back over 85 years to 1921, when its first store was opened on London’s Oxford Street by the celebrated composer, Sir Edward Elgar.  

Since this time, HMV and its world-famous 'dog & trumpet' trademark image has become synonymous with the very development of recorded music and home entertainment the world over.  Its stores have, uniquely, stocked every music format commercially ever released, from the earliest wax cylinders and 78-rpm shellac discs to today's CDs and digital downloads.

The company now operates 230 stores nationwide, including a 50,000 sq. ft. flagship at 150 Oxford Street, an online store at www.hmv.co.uk and a downloads site www.hmvdigital.com, making it a true multi-channel specialist.

HMV aims to give people the widest possible access to music and entertainment products however and whenever they wish to buy and enjoy them: from the high street via its chain of stores, online through hmv.co.uk or as downloads via hmvdigital.com

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