Leading Retail Tagging Solutions Providers team up for the UK!

Harmondsworth, London – 21st February, 2006 - TAG Company has been chosen to act as Rako Security Label’s agent in the UK and Ireland for its portfolio of Lucatron branded Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) solutions, including alarm systems, deactivation and tagging consumables.  UK retail loses £1.6 billion per annum to theft, and EAS has proven to be effective in reducing store shrinkage by up to 50%.  The agreement will see TAG manage all of the Lucatron channel activities in the UK, including marketing support, technical training and logistics.

In July 2005 TAG secured an exclusive agreement to supply and maintain Woolworths’ EAS estate in the UK and to provide tagging solutions to enable secure, live merchandising of a wide range of products across the retailer’s estate.  By the end of 2005 over half of the 800+ store estate was installed with the Lucatron tagging technology and a unique wireless data capture and alarm monitoring system.  The remainder of the estate will be completed during 2006.  TAG’s market-leading expertise in EAS solutions and the performance and reliability of Lucatron’s technology are qualities that will now combine to provide EAS solutions both directly to retailers and via system integrators.

Andreas Ihlius, General Manager of RAKO Security – Label Produktsicherungs GmbH ( Owner of the Lucatron RF Brand ), said “TAG is well positioned to guarantee professional service and innovation of the Lucatron brands in the UK EAS market; we are very pleased to work with TAG to ensure Lucatron products are competitively positioned in UK Retail”. 

Phil Doyle, Managing Director of TAG EMEA commented “We are proud to have been selected to represent Lucatron in the UK, and over 500 stores have already benefited from our joint expertise in the past 7 months.  We look forward to working with our partners and system integrators to roll these solutions out to a large number of national and non-chain retailers during 2006.  The technology has proven to be reliable and cost effective, supporting our commitment to provide tagging solutions with rapid Return on Investment.  TAG is the leading independent EAS Service Provider in the UK, and we firmly believe that the Lucatron solution is ideal for a wide range of retailers seeking to maximise profitability through secure, live merchandising in their stores.  It forms an important part of our portfolio of systems, tags and labels.”

About TAG Company
TAG Company is a leading provider of anti-shoplifting solutions, offering radio-frequency and acousto-magnetic detection systems, tags, and labels, as well as POS devices.  This year the company will secure more than 500 million consumer products.   As a natural extension of item-level in-store tagging, TAG is developing and delivering Smart Tagging solutions.  To learn more about how we help retailers around the world Keep and Track their merchandise, visit us at www.tagcompany.com.  TAG Company.  Keep. Track.

About RAKO
RAKO group was established 37 years ago by Ralph Koopmann. Last year, RAKO employed 720 staff and achieved a turnover of 130 million Euros. RAKO has now expanded into international markets and has subsidiaries in France, the Ukraine and Croatia and operates through partners in Great Britain and Poland. Over the last few years the company has seen rapid growth due to the large variety of RAKO products. The main products of the RAKO group are self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging, security technologies and RFID-Systems. RAKO Security-Label Produktsicherungs GmbH has been a member of the RAKO-group since 1998 and is one of the leading companies in the field of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS).

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