TAG Company Announces Management Change

London – April 22nd 2008 TAG Company has announced that Phil Doyle, Managing Director - EMEA, will be leaving the company to accept a new role in a non-competing industry.  “We wish Phil all the best in his new career. We have benefited greatly from Phil’s talents and energy in managing TAG Company EMEA over the last 3.5 years. During his tenure, he has led the company to its current position as the leading independent supplier of EAS solutions in the UK and the fast growing provider in its field,” states Mark Krom, CEO of TAG Company. “We look forward to continuing the forward march with the business plan set in place by Phil and his team…and making the smooth transition to Phil’s successor.”

Since Doyle joined TAG in January 2005, the company has doubled in size. Phil has been at the helm whilst TAG secured contracts with Woolworths, Morrisons and HMV. The dedicated EMEA team will continue to manage these clients and capitalize on the extensive headway that has recently been made into the apparel and department store market segments.

In addition to these customer relationships, Doyle played a key role in creating TAG’s outstanding stable of unique products including Series 58 Security Label™ the only alternative AM EAS label in the industry, Series 8.2 RF technology, and most recently, EasiCap®, a fast growing security tag for wines and spirits.
CEO Krom will assume interim EMEA MD responsibilities with direct reports Suzanne Connell, Rich Bawamia, and Jon Marchese as respective Directors of Operations, Service, and Business Development. Krom further states, “Our EMEA leadership team has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years and we will use this period to continue their rapid development as company leaders!”

Doyle comments that, “The challenge for me when coming to TAG was bringing the division to recognise its potential for success. This has been achieved above expectations and with such a strong team in place I have no doubt that TAG will continue to prosper. There is a highly motivated and dedicated team of directors and managers in place that will continue to lead TAG forward. I will be keenly watching in the news for the next breakthrough!”

The company has retained the services of recruiting firm, Edward Drummond, to lead the executive search for TAG’s next EMEA Managing Director.
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