Leading EAS Company to Deliver Breakthrough Range of 8.2 MHz EAS Labels

Harmondsworth, United Kingdom and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA – April 25, 2006 – TAG Company, the world’s fastest growing retail security company, announced that it has launched a new line of anti-shoplifting labels called Series 8.2. These security labels operate at 8.2 MHz, commonly known as Swept-Radio Frequency (Swept-RF), the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology used by many retailers across the globe.  With Series 8.2, the company aims to secure a significant share of the 5 billion unit annual market for RF EAS labels.

Swept-RF has been accepted as the operating standard within many retail markets, including the food and drug store segments in the US, UK, Western Europe, and Australia.  TAG Company offers a broad range of labels to address virtually any tagging requirement.  In addition to meeting generally accepted performance standards, TAG Company will focus on speciality applications for hard-to-protect items such as bottles, entertainment media, and shoes by offering a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and formats. Included in the product portfolio are round labels for bottles; custom color printed logo labels; triangular labels for entertainment media; converted labels for clothing and wrap-around tamper-proof applications; and the 300 class, one of the smallest 8.2 MHz labels for small items such as cosmetics.

“TAG Company has been an innovator in security labeling and systems and we continually look to develop ways to improve labeling security and efficiency,” stated Mark Krom, CEO of TAG Company. “The introduction of high-performance Swept-RF labels is a natural extension of our product portfolio. We’ve worked hard to ensure that the performance and quality of the labels meets critical specifications and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. We now have a label that stands up to any on the market, as well as a platform on which to build for the current movement towards RFID smart tagging.”

“The availability of Series 8.2 will have a positive effect in the marketplace,” stated King Rogers, president of King Rogers International, a consulting firm specializing in retail security.  “The global markets will now have access to an alternate supply of high quality and competitively priced labels. Our firm’s evaluation of the Series 8.2 demonstrated performance as good or superior to the labels from the competition. We expect TAG Company to gain immediate traction on both sides of the Atlantic.”

The Series 8.2 is now being used by a leading retail chain for in-store tagging of a broad array of merchandise, integration into TAG Company’s patented Self Seal Tags for entertainment media, and conversion into source tagging solutions. Phil Doyle, the company’s Managing Director states, “The Series 8.2 provides the quality, performance, and automated application capabilities we need to deliver this fully integrated EAS in-store and source tagging program. With this one retailer alone, we expect to utilize more than 150 million Series 8.2 labels annually.”

TAG Company will be featuring the Series 8.2 and other advanced technologies at these upcoming trade conferences:

  Retail Fraud, 4th May 2006, Hammersmith, UK
  Organized Retail Theft Conference, 10th May, Houston, US
  Retail Systems Forum, 17th May 2006, Wantage, UK
  NRF Loss Prevention, 5th-7th June 2006, Minneapolis, US
  Retail Solutions, 6th-8th June 2006, Birmingham, UK

About TAG Company
TAG Company is a privately owned, leading provider of anti-shoplifting solutions, offering radio-frequency and acousto-magnetic detection systems, tags, and labels.  This year the company will secure more than 500 million consumer products.   TAG’s patented Self Seal Tag is the leading disposable tagging product for entertainment retailers including Woolworths, Virgin, HMV, FOPP and ASDA.  As a natural extension of item-level in-store tagging, TAG provides Smart Tagging and Source Tagging solutions.  To learn more about how we help retailers around the world Keep and Track their merchandise, or to ask about reseller opportunities, visit us at www.tagcompany.com.  TAG Company  Keep.Track.

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