TAG Company Announces Success in the Defence of Key Patents

Harmondsworth, United Kingdom - August 2011.  TAG Company successfully defends patents on security products.

TAG Company, one of Europe’s leading providers of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technology, today announces a successful outcome in the defence of its intellectual property relating to its market leading Self Seal Tag product range. TAG Company has received formal confirmation from another major UK EAS manufacturer that it will withdraw from manufacturing, selling and distributing a product that infringed on TAG Company’s patents.

TAG’s patented range of Self Seal Tag and Wrap products have revolutionized how retailers of Entertainment Media, Health and Beauty and Electrical products merchandise their products, by combining an EAS label and security seal to provide security protection whilst prevent illicit opening of the products. 

Suzanne Connell, Director of Operations at TAG comments “At TAG we have invested considerable time and resources in the development of our patented Self Seal Tag range. TAG will continue to defend its intellectual property rights vigorously against any other businesses that are found to be manufacturing, selling or distributing products that infringe our patents.”

Connell adds “For over 10 years, our customers have trusted TAG to supply them with over  a billion high quality Self Seal Tag products.  The illicit supply of products into the market place, which infringe upon others intellectual property rights, denies those businesses that have invested in the development of quality products, the right to make a fair return on their investment.”

About TAG Company

TAG Company is a speciality full Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Service Provider. It offers retailers an unbiased and consultative approach to tagging solutions for loss prevention.  Tag Company is managed and driven by a team of leading industry professionals who have many years of EAS experience across multiple retail environments.  TAG focuses its efforts on providing retailers with the most effective EAS solutions available in the market place, tailored to their individual needs. This is backed up by TAG’s industry leading service capability that ensures its customers’ EAS solutions continue to provide effective loss prevention throughout the life of the investment.

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