Solutions Enable Retailers to Improve In-Store Tracking and Loss Prevention of Merchandise

Minneapolis, MN — June 5, 2006— Vue Technology, the leading provider of item-level RFID solutions, today announced a partnership with TAG Company, a leading provider of anti-shoplifting solutions, to provide integrated Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and RFID item level tracking solutions for retailers.  As a result, retailers will be able to integrate shelf-based, item-level visibility with existing EAS solutions to provide advanced notification of potential theft activities to store personnel.  Vue Technology and TAG Company will demonstrate the integration at the NRF Loss Prevention Conference & Exhibition June 5 – 7 in Minneapolis. 

The partnership is an important step in the evolution of loss prevention solutions, marking the first integration and convergence of RFID and EAS technologies to combat merchandise theft.  The TrueVUE™ RFID Platform will detect potential item-level shrink activities on a shelf or display rack, and then immediately notify the TAG Company intelligent EAS system within the retail environment.  As a result, store personnel will know about theft activities before the individual has left the store. 

“This partnership marks the wave of the future in loss prevention,” said Robert Locke, CEO of Vue Technology.  “We work very closely with our retail customers, who time and time again tell us that merchandise shrink is a pressing concern.  Our ability to easily integrate with existing store technologies like the EAS solutions provided by TAG Company, further reduces the vulnerability to theft inherent in the retail environment.” 

At the NRF Loss Prevention Conference & Exhibition, Vue Technology and TAG Company will demonstrate a breakthrough “anti-sweep” application featuring Vue-enabled smart shelves displaying media and apparel items tracked at the item level.  Retailers face an increasing threat from organized crime groups that enter the store and sweep a large volume of items off the shelf and flee the store.

In a normal purchasing environment where one or two items are removed from the shelf, the system will not produce an EAS alert.  However, if four or more of the same item are removed from a shelf or rack at the same time, an alert will be sent from the Vue Technology software solution to the TAG Company device, immediately notifying store personnel of abnormal purchasing behavior. This allows store employees to know and respond much more quickly to potential shrink events without waiting until items and perpetrators have left the front of the store.

“This is a classic case of the sum being greater than the parts,” said Mark Krom, President, TAG Company.  “EAS and RFID systems have each established their own compelling value and ROI within the retail environment.  The merging of these technologies now provides retailers with another level of value that neither system could offer on its own. As retail thieves become smarter and more aggressive, we need to deliver smarter and more aggressive technology. Our partnership with Vue will deliver those solutions.”

About TAG Company
TAG Company is a privately owned, leading provider of anti-shoplifting solutions, offering radio-frequency and acousto-magnetic detection systems, tags, and labels.  This year the company will secure more than 1 billion consumer products.   As a natural extension of item-level in-store tagging, TAG provides Smart Tagging and Source Tagging solutions.  To learn more about how we help retailers around the world Keep and Track their merchandise, or to ask about reseller opportunities, visit us at  TAG Company  Keep.Track.

About Vue Technology
Vue Technology is the leading provider of item level RFID solutions, delivering breakthrough technology that provides the most scalable, reliable, and ROI-driven solutions on the market. With patent-pending technologies, Vue allows standard RFID readers to network across thousands of antennas, exponentially increasing the number of zones a typical reader can support. Vue provides customers unprecedented visibility into inventory levels, location and authenticity while eliminating the prohibitive cost barriers previously associated with item-level RFID roll-outs.

With its TrueVUE™ RFID Platform, Vue offers the most complete suite of integrated RF networking hardware and EPC management software for item-level RFID, maximizing the benefits to our customers while minimizing implementation risks – at the lowest TCO.  For more information, visit

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