TAG Company Finishes 821-Store Installation in Record Time!

Harmondsworth, United Kingdom – 23rdOctober, 2006 – On 1st November TAG Company will finalize the installation of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) across the entire Woolworths estate, reaching a major milestone in the five-year exclusive agreement between the two companies.  Over the past 18 months, the companies have worked together to provide fully integrated retail tagging solutions to all 821 stores across the United Kingdom, protecting Woolworths’ wide range of merchandise from potential shoplifters.  In addition to the 20,000 EAS elements installed, over 8,000 sensors and data logging units will wirelessly collect, collate and transmit information around each store, providing Woolworths with valuable information such as customer counting and alarm frequency. This is the largest programme of its kind in the UK.

Woolworths now joins the vast majority of the UK’s High Street retailers in deploying EAS as a tool to improve on-shelf availability and operational efficiencies by reducing theft.

In parallel with the estate-wide rollout, Woolworths is also benefiting from the expertise of TAG Company in tagging Homeware, Clothing, CDs, DVDs, toys and games.  In addition to providing tagging solutions in-store, TAG is managing Woolworths’ Source Tagging programme, whereby security labels are applied at the point of manufacture or distribution.  This involves the management of more than 500 global suppliers, representing 6,000 product lines.

Phil Doyle, Managing Director of TAG commented, “We have reached the end of the first phase of this programme. All 821 stores are now protected with electronic tagging systems; which directly supports Woolworths’ business goals. We are also well underway with the next phase of the programme, which is the incorporation of security protection directly into Woolworths’ merchandise at point of supply around the world.  Most merchandise within store is now tagged either discreetly, inside packaging, or with a clear ‘Security Protected’ tag.”

Matt Jackson, Head of Stores for Woolworths, shared his thoughts on the program with colleagues at the recent European Retail Crime conference in London. In his presentation, Jackson emphasized the need to satisfy the requirements of a wide range of stakeholders in such an important programme; EAS has moved on from being simply a Loss Prevention tool to one which needs to be embraced by all elements of retail in order to deliver real-world business benefits.

Under the five-year exclusive agreement, TAG provides full maintenance, training and ongoing support for the use of the EAS systems across Woolworths’ 821 stores, and works closely with Woolworths’ Risk and Operations teams to combat shoplifting and drive profit across the full range of merchandise.

About TAG Company
TAG Company is a privately owned, leading provider of anti-shoplifting solutions, offering radio-frequency and acousto-magnetic detection systems, tags, and labels.  This year the company will secure more than 500 million consumer products.   TAG’s patented Self Seal Tag is the leading disposable tagging product for entertainment retailers including Woolworths, Virgin, HMV, FOPP and ASDA.  As a natural extension of item-level in-store tagging, TAG provides Smart Tagging and Source Tagging solutions.  To learn more about how we help retailers around the world Keep and Track their merchandise, or to ask about reseller opportunities, visit us at  TAG Company.  Keep. Track.

About Woolworths Group plc
Woolworths is the UK’s best loved general merchandise retailer with market leading positions in entertainment, toys, clothing, confectionary, and home. There are 821 Woolworths stores on virtually every high street in the UK, 18 out-of-town stores and you can find Woolworths on the net at The first Woolworths store opened in Liverpool in 1909.

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