EAS Systems

TAG's portfolio of AM and RF pedestals is designed to reflect the varied requirements of retailers. Including wide aisle, narrow aisle, and single pedestal configurations, TAG's AM pedestals can be fully transparent, or supplied with a bespoke customer logo to maximise branding opportunities.

Equally, for complete discretion and minimum disruption to store aesthetics, TAG is also the provider of the leading AM loop system in the UK. Recent innovations include the RF Cobra technology, developed by TAG to meet the challenge of UK retail to reduce the number of visible EAS pedestals across a wide entrance. Using a complex underfloor array, TAG's discreet RF & AM antenna solutions enable free flowing entrances to stores, whilst still providing the benefits of EAS.

Both AM and RF systems can be enhanced to include

  • Integrated Customer Counting
  • Integrated Foil Lined Bag / Booster Bag Detection
  • Integrated Magnet Detection
  • Remote Service & Maintenance

In addition, TAG's latest range of AM and RF systems can now include RFID antenna to provide retailers with an upgrade path to a dual technology EAS & RFID system.

To complement this range, TAG supplies both contact and distance label deactivation units to meet all constraints of budget and space. TAG is also the leading provider of multi-detaching platforms for Hard Tags, with many of the UK's major retailers using TAG's integrated detaching solutions rather than installing up to 4 different detachers at the till point.

EAS Systems