Centralised Retail Intelligence with Tracker

Tracker, developed by TAG, is an interactive and automated centralised retail intelligence hub, with the power to manage estates from individual stores, to hundreds of stores in a major retail chain. Remote configuration and reporting, including videos and images taken by cameras, are all accessible securely through Tracker Central Reports.

Tracker works by interconnecting the following retail modules together, allowing them to share resources to gain a more detailed picture of the retail environment than before.

Loss Prevention Management

Learn more and improve compliance of Loss Prevention systems through Tracker automated retail intelligence. Automated reporting and alerts of pedestal false alarming and downtime helps to improve the overall effectiveness of Loss Prevention. If EAS Alarms occur in store off hours, Tracker knows, and can alert the Loss Prevention team by email and through exception reports.

EAS Alarm Response live reports and alerts offer automated and pro-active management of stores with non compliance issues.

Interactive EAS Alarm Responses are optionally linked to integrated Video Surveillance, to record, save and sort videos and images by individual EAS Alarm Types. No more going through hours of CCTV footage...Tracker's intelligence links the EAS Alarms Reason Codes Reasons to Videos/Images from the Video Surveillance, and makes them available remotely through Tracker Central Reports in minutes.

Tracker provides Loss Prevention retail intelligence with pro-active resolution service to limit downtimes and lower service calls required.

Access Point Management

Access to restricted or sensitive retail areas are monitored and reported through Tracker. Through optional Video Surveillance, videos and images can be taken for each access gained, capturing images if a door stays opened for too long, or for each time a door is opened during store off hours. Images taken can be automatically emailed and video are saved locally and centrally for remote viewing from virtually anywhere with an Internet Connection.

Access Point Management can be locally and remotely managed securely through Tracker Central Reports. Tracker also monitors Access Points and can alert and report any access point failure, offering a pro-active and automated resolution service.

Video Surveillance Management

Tracker managed Video Surveillance cameras are shared with other management systems connected to Tracker. Each management system that makes use of Video Surveillance will be able to record a video based on an event (with pre-buffer), allowing you to view the moments leading up to an event. The video or image can then be e-mailed, or be viewed locally or remotely from Tracker Central Reports. Each event and videos/images are linked through the reports for easy and fast access. Videos and images are uploaded automatically to Tracker Central Reports after the recording is completed, allowing users of Tracker Central Reports access to the media a few minutes after the event occurs. Tracker only saves videos and images that are triggered by an event a retailers request to record. Furthermore, all recordings are automatically linked to the events on Tracker Central Reports for quick and easy access.

Store Traffic Management

Through integration with video surveillance cameras, Tracker can provide data on customer flow and traffic both in and out of a store. This essential data can be used to measure conversion rates when compared with EPOS data, and also to give accurate information on volumes of customers within a store at any time. This includes out of hours counts which may be of interest.

Incident Management

If a grab and run event is identified and logged by staff, Tracker will automatically save a video of the occurrence and report it accordingly. An on-screen message will alert the staff to contact their Loss Prevention department immediately, and to enter any details they have on the event through Tracker's touch screen. The video file, already saved as a movie file, will be ready to download from Tracker Central Reports and emailed to any authorities or officials required.

Significant events may also occur in stores that are not normally able to be captured by Tracker connected Video Surveillance. For these instances, an alert button is provided on the Tracker touch screen interface to maintain staff on the sales floor during such times.

Vendor Management

Through Tracker, vendors can perform a fast and easy sign in and sign out process. Upon signing out, the vendor simply has to tap two answers: What was the reason for coming? And if the issue was solved or requires another visit. Through Tracker's local reports, store managers can easily see vendors attending the store for the past 30 days. Tracker Central Reports are not time limited, and also include visual charts to visually see the number of jobs by vendors, which vendor is the slowest to finish a job and top vendors who are able to solve an issue with First Line Response, to name a few.

Tracker provides an electronic list of vendors attending a store and visual reports to quickly access the efficiency of vendors. Vendors simply have to use a touch screen to access a quick and easy sign in and out procedure, allowing them to attend to the problem at hand more quickly and allowing store managers a real-time view of vendor jobs.

Local and Corporate Reporting

Local live reports are available through Tracker's touch screen interface to provide a quick reference of store activity for store managers.

Corporate Reporting, available on Tracker Central Reports, are the core of Retail Intelligence. Tracker Central Reports provide a centralised visual overview of all activity for an individual store, division(s), regions and/or for all stores under the corporation. These reports reduce the need for service visits by providing a clear analysis of store data, with the ability to troubleshoot and solve issues remotely through First Line Response.

A report exists for all management systems connected to Tracker. These reports make use of visual and interactive charts to provide a quick overview analysis, while detailed tabular data provides the ability to pin-point an issue and are pro-active in helping stores to identify staff training issues and faulty equipment.

Remote Configuration

Through secured and web-based Tracker Central Reports, retailers at different levels can remotely configure Tracker and its connected devices options on a store by store level or grouped networks, such as by district, regions or all stores under the corporation.

Each individual management system configurations and options can be safely configured remotely. From one point of access, retailers can configure video recording to be changed, add vendor companies, change which EAS alarm triggers a video or image recording, change how long a door has to stay open until a camera saves who or what opened the door in the first place. All this and more can be remotely configured through the reports, without a need to visit any stores. Even advertising and training videos can be uploaded to Trackers through Tracker Central Reports.

Tracker provides retailers remotely configurable parameters for better and adaptable Retail Intelligence requirements.

Repair and Maintenance Management

Tracker Central Reporting constantly receives status updates on all Trackers, from all stores, and their connected devices. Trackers can be configured to help detect a false alarming pedestal or a non-active or disconnected device. It can issue emails to TAG Service, which in turn will trigger a First Line Response (FLR) from TAG's dedicated helpdesk and facilitate an engineer attendance if required. Tracker Reports will provide detailed information on the issue, with optional video/photo, to help make the resolution process more efficient.

Service Level Management

Tracker's pro-active resolution helps to reduce On-site service calls and enhances TAG's free, dedicated EAS Help Desk which carries out First Line Resolution (FLR) on all service calls. Tracker uses TAG's UK Service Network, which covers all regions of the United Kingdom, including Southern Ireland. Tracker's performance and success are measured against pre-determined Key Performance Indicators which can then be formalized into a contracted Service Level Agreement. Pricing can be provided against a set schedule of rates or against an extended warranty programme to suit the needs of each customer.

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