Source Tagging

TAG operates a range of models to facilitate the tagging at source of EAS and RFID Hard Tags and Labels. Delivered locally or across a global supply chain, TAG provides source tagging programmes including:

  • High Speed automated application of AM & RF Labels
  • High Speed automated application of Self Seal Tag
  • Hard Tag Recirculation
  • EAS & RFID Integrated wash care labels and swing tickets.

Why apply security tags at source?...

Operational Savings achieved through elimination of in-store application costs of EAS Tags and Labels.

Staff can be redeployed to serve customers, reducing queues

Increased Sales through increased On-Shelf Availability as stock arrives pre-tagged and shelf ready

Improved Presentation of Merchandise achieved through consistent application of identical tags

Reduction in shrinkage achieved through maximum compliance against best practice tagging guidelines

Resulting in Increased Profits

Source Tagging
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