Centralised Retail Intelligence with Tracker Reports

Tracker Centralised System

Interactive and automated centralised retail intelligence hub provides an advanced retail management system centrally controlled and managed by Tracker, from an individual store to hundreds of stores in retail chains. Remote configuration and reporting, including videos and images taken by cameras are all accessible securely through Tracker Central Reports.

What are Tracker Central Reports?

Tracker Central Reporting provides analytics and remote management tools for all modules installed in a store. Through Equipment Monitoring, Tracker communicates system failure and false alarm through reports and directly to people in charge by sending an email.

By reviewing the customisable and comprehensive analytic reports, equipment and staff training issues can be discovered and resolved quickly, reducing the needs for service visits. Reports are available in charts and tabular data with selectable reporting periods, providing the retailer with all the data desired.

Remotely Centralised Management System

Through Tracker Central Reporting, Trackers can be managed, configured and updated remotely from a central point of access. All management tools managed by Tracker are configurable from this single point of access and do not require store visit. Even sending videos and sounds to all Trackers in a retail chain can be done with a few clicks of the mouse.

Trackers constantly communicates with Tracker Central Reporting in real-time, and uploads events, data, event based video and photos taken through video surveillance for easy access from this centralised location. Providing corporate a fast and efficient window to individual or group of stores.

Tracker Central Reports

Tracker Central Reports