Centralised Retail Intelligence with Tracker

What is Tracker?

Tracker is an adaptable centralised retail intelligence system. Fully customisable for individual store configurations, Tracker works within its own dedicated private network to centrally manage retail intelligence. Through its easy to use touch screen interface, interacting with Tracker is meant to be fast, simple and efficient as to take as little time as possible for retailers to interact with Tracker.

With its dedicated connection to Tracker Central Reporting, all Trackers are remotely configurable from a central location.

For more information on Tracker Central Reporting click here.



What Does Tracker Manage?

  • Loss Prevention Management
  • Access Point Management
  • Video Surveillance Management
  • Store Traffic Management
  • Incidents Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Corporate and Local Reporting
  • Remote Configuration Management
  • Repair and Maintenance Management
  • Service Level Management
Tracker Touch Screen Interface

Tracker Definition