RFID Encoding Systems : R-Encode

The R-Encode is an encoding station for paper and hard RFID UHF tags.
R-Encode can easily and quickly encode hundreds or thousands of RFID tags within a retail store, Distribution Centre, or garment factory.

The R-Encode includes...

  • Internal RFID reader with embedded computer
  • RFID antenna
  • Barcode scanner
  • Magnet for facilitating the placement of RFID hard tags
  • Visual indicators
  • Frame and casing
  • Software drivers

The Encoding process is simple...

  • The user places an RFID tagged item on the R-Encode
  • The label with the existing barcode is presented to the barcode scanner
  • The barcode scanner reads the barcode.
  • The EPC code of the RFID tag is automatically encoded.

Business benefits of the R-Encode...

  • Easy, fast and effective encoding
  • Stand alone: encodes anywhere
  • Plug and play
  • Compatible with hard tags and paper tags
  • Password protection
RFID R-Encode
RFID Encoding Systems : R-Print

The R-Print is a cloud-based RFID encoding and printing system, that enables fast, volume encoding of paper RFID labels.

R-Print is easy and quick to manage from any location around the globe through the S-Cloud software platform(cloud based software). It prints and encodes hundreds or thousands of RFID tags at retail stores, offices, distribution centre, warehouses, or garment manufacturers.

Together with the R-Scan and R-Encode, R-Print offers a complete encoding solution.

R-Print is plug & play. It does not require an external computer, or complex installation. It only needs to be powered and have a WiFi or Ethernet connection.

Business benefits of AdvanPrint:

  • Easy, fast and effective printing and encoding
  • Connected to the cloud
  • No need of a local computer nor local software
  • Prints anywhere
  • Convenient to manage from any location
  • Plug and play

The R-Print platform is compatible with Zebra printers.

RFID R-Encode