Fitting Room Systems

The R-Fit is a fixed RFID reader, with an antenna specifically designed for localised reading at either the entrance to a number of fitting rooms or within each individual fitting room. It provides retailers with 2 specific benefits...

Loss Prevention

Fitting rooms are a place where theft and illicit removal of security tags take place. By installing an R-Fit system at the entrance to a fitting room, the number of items can clearly be displayed on an associated screen – reducing the likelihood that someone will then attempt to steal an item once inside the fitting room. If the RFID Tags are encoded, the specific items may also be clearly displayed on the screen – further enhancing the system’s effectiveness.

As a virtual sales assistant

The fitting room is the place where purchasing decisions are made. It’s also the place where the retailer loses contact with the customer. With RFID Tagged product and R-Fit, the retailer can regain that connection within this crucial space. The R-Fit identifies which items are in each fitting room, and uses the same content available online, to make recommendations for accessories and other garments, to complement the products being tried on, and to complete ‘the look’.

Put simply, it’s the best way to deliver the best of on-line retailing in store.

It can also be used to send requests to sales assistants on the sales floor to bring additional sizes or coloured garments, enhancing the customer experience.

RFID Fitting Room Systems