Inventory Management Solutions

The R-Scan is an Android-based handheld device for in-store inventory management and encoding of RFID Hard Tags and Labels. It is cloud-based, allowing for simple and quick deployment in any retail environment where a wifi connection exists, with direct uploading and downloading of information held in a secure cloud server, either hosted by TAG or Client.

The R-Scan obtains the inventory of products in a space with a high read-rate (typically above 98%), and uploads the inventory data to the cloud.

The R-Scan provides visual inventory: product description and images of the read items can be shown on the screen. allowing the user to easily verify which products have been identified, accelerating processes and reducing errors.

The R-Scan can also be used for encoding RFID tags on its own (without an RFID printer).  It can be used to send instructions to the R-Print device for volume printing and encoding.

The R-Scan improves the following retail processes:

The R-Scan also includes a search function in which the user can input a specific SKU and then use a Geiger Counter style search mode to locate the product on the sales floor or stock room.