Payment Systems

The R-Pay is a high power RFID reader for points of sale, available with and without an integrated Hard Tag Detacher

It has a number of functions

  • The R-Pay will read RFID Hard Tags and Paper Labels at the point of sale
  • If used for loss prevention, it will rewrite the RFID code on the label to replicate EAS Deactivation
  • If connected to the Point of Sale, and the RFID Tag has been encoded, the Barcode can be extracted from the EPC and input into the EPOS to replicate and replace the functionality of a barcode. Simultaneous Scanning and Detaching of Hard Tags can have a huge impact on reducing queuing times.
  • The R-Pay can be used to handle customer returns

The antenna contained within the R-Pay is highly localised and directional to avoid inadvertent reading of tags.