EAS & RFID Hard Tags


For the protection of apparel and accessories.  Available in AM, RF. 66kHz and RFID technology

Bottle Tags


For the protection of wines, spirits and champagne.  Available in AM, RF and RFID technology

Alarming Tags


2 and 3 self alarming solutions for protection of high value boxed items, garments and accessories.  Available in AM, RF, 66kHz and RFID technology

Optical Tags


For the protection of sunglasses with a wide variety of detaching mechanisms.  Available in AM, RF, 66kHz and RFID technology



A complete range of Magnetic release Safers for the protection of of Health and Beauty, Electrical and Entertainment Media products.  Available in AM and RF technology

EAS and RFID Labels


A complete range of AM, RF and RFID labels, either for protection of hard goods, or integration with overlays or pricing tickets for source protection