Globally, Hyperguard is the #1 product for metal detection, with more than 100,000 antennae installed used by stores to alert staff that a foil lined bag has entered the store.

Foil Lined Bags, or Booster bags are a major tool used by organised crime gangs to circumvent an EAS system as they can shield the EAS tag from being detected by the EAS system. 

The Hyperguard can also identify foil lined prams and jackets, and now includes a complex algorithm to filter out interference from sliding doors – enabling it to be installed within 70cm of the doorway. For supermarket environments, there is also a filter to prevent false alarms from trolleys.

The Hyperguard can be installed and concealed within some TAG EAS antenna, but when installed as a separate system, the added benefit of a visual deterrent will help avoid staff confrontations, increasing the safety and security of stock and staff alike.  




Apparelguard is the Global market leading solution for identifying and alerting staff to magnetic detachers within fitting rooms. Organised Crime Gangs are well known to operate with detachers in store, and the fitting room is the most common location for the illicit removal of tags to take place.

The small, high gloss antenna can either be visible or integrated within the fitting room design, and includes a complex filter so as not to false alarm on the presence of other magnetic fields from handbag clutches and shoes.

With ApparelGuard providing a strong and recognizable visual deterrent to determined shoplifters, its impact on theft reduction is increasing year-on-year.