ShoMe™ HandHeld Reader

 The ShoMe™ HandHeld Reader is RFID inventory and encoding system, used for the rapid capture of inventory in any retail space with an accuracy of +98% with the direct upload of data to the cloud. Its scalable Android or iOs based software is designed to interface with the hardware of all leading HandHeld Reader manufactures including TSL, Nordic and Zebra  

ShoMe™ also provides users with visual images of each item scanned, allowing for an accelerated process and reduced scanning errors.

Requiring minimal infrastructure in store, ShoMe™ is designed to provide users with data easily integrated into any ERP system for analysis and action. 

Functions Available…

  • Inventory – collaborative or individual
  • Discrepancies – comparing theoretical and practical stock files
  • Goods In (against Advanced Shipping Notices)
  • Returns
  • Locate Items, identifiable by EAN or EPC codes
  • Label encode (with Single Scan or Scan-Scan-Write mode to reduce encoding errors)
  • Label encode and print – interfaced with RFID enabled printer
  • Serve Mode – To interface with ShoRoom™ Smart Shelf and Overhead Reader solutions to provide stock location of items

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