ShoRoom™ Smart Shelves


The Insight

Online retail has increased a customer’s awareness of what styles and colours are available to purchase. To meet this demand, physical stores must hold as much range and depth as possible without creating an over-stocked sales floor, and without increasing the size of the space. 

The Solution

The existing stock room shelving is divided into zones of around 1 metre and RFID antennae are positioned either vertically over each zone, or horizontally at the back of the shelving to create a smart space. Each antenna is individually temporarily powered, with each fully cycle count being uploaded to a secure cloud server for analysis, generating a report of item and location. Data is presented via a simple to use App on the ShoMe™ HandHeld Reader, displaying sizes available in stock, and their exact position to within 1 meter. The ShoMe™ scanner will then provide audible alerts as you approach each selected item. 

The Impact

Retailers deploying ShoRoom™ smart shelving solutions are able to have improved visibility of stock on the sales floor & in the stock room. This allows them to reduce the number of items on the sales floor whilst increasing the number of styles and colours, creating a much improved retail environment.

  • Fully Automated Solution
  • Increased sales through finding stock more quickly
  • Increased profit through fewer mark-downs
  • Quicker, more efficient inter-branch transfers and DC returns
  • Reduced theft as stock is minimised on the sales floor   

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