Our Vision


RFID creates visibility; It enables retailers to count inventory more quickly and more accurately than any other technology, allowing stores to count more often, generating a highly accurate stock file.  It can also so much more....

Our vision is to go beyond the basics, be challenged, and create RFID technology powered solutions that deliver actionable data for retailers to improve in-store efficiencies and enhance the shopping experience and ultimately increasing sales and profitability.  For this, TAG created Sho Technology.

With Sho, we aim to improve stock availability in store, but also provide stock location without the need to physically scan the sales floor and stock rooms each hour, meaning we can generate more accurate and up to date information in a fast pace retail environment where stock is constantly moving.

We use RFID technology as the enabler for faster payment solutions, data driven customer insight, personalisation and engagement, merging the best of the online shopping experience in a physical space.

All solutions developed are GS1 EPC Gen 2 compliant, enabling retailers to deploy Sho Technology solutions in any store Globally using any compatible RFID inlays from multiple manufacturers.