ShoRoom™ Overhead Readers


Continuous near real-time inventory for sales floor and stock rooms without the need to physically scan zones 

ShoRoom™ Smart Shelves


 Continuous near real-time inventory for stock rooms to ensure sales floor compliance and help locate items quickly to drive sales 

ShoMe™ Hand Held Readers


 Cloud based software for android or apple devices to interface with leading brands of HandHeld RFID readers  

ShoCase™ Display Fixtures


 Have 100% relatime visibility of what is on display at all times, ensure compliance, drive dynamic pricing 

ShoReel™ Interactive Screens


 RFID Driven interactive screens that allow customer interaction, interface with payment solutions, connect to social media and show digital content 

Loss Prevention Solutions


 Overhead, Underfloor and Pedestal Solutions for anti-theft.  POS Readers for label deactivation and fraud identification